Origin of Nechemya

Nechemya (pronounced "nee-uh-my-uh"; its root means "comfort") is the Hebrew spelling of the name Nehemiah and is based on the story of a historic biblical character.  As a member of the Jewish community that had been living in exile in Babylon, Nehemiah had risen to become a trusted advisor to the Persian ruler Artaxerxes.  About 444 B.C., Nehemiah was allowed to return to his native land as governor of the province of Judah, where his primary goals were to organize the rebuilding of the walls of the capital city of Jerusalem, which had been virtually destroyed and depopulated for almost 150 years, and at the same time to help restore the Jewish religious culture and national identity. 

Unity Produces Results!®


Founded on the concept that "Unity Produces Results,"® Nechemya Construction Solutions has become a premier multi-faceted commercial building solutions company.  Nechemya was originally formed in 2003 under the name Transcend Renovations.  Then in 2009, after a change in management, the current name was adopted. 

Nechemya Construction Solutions features Collaborative Architectural Services, Design-Build Construction, and Construction Administration Services.  Under the guidance of Daleth Johnson, our principal-in-charge and head of construction administration, Nechemya management has successfully overseen a vast number of high-profile projects.

Nechemya Construction Solutions is a certified HUB with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and is authorized to conduct our line of business.  Our Commitment at Nechemya Solutions is to put the customer first, and to strive for exceptional customer service through excellent communication.  We are dedicated to our motto "Unity Produces Results"® and hold fast to core values as well as to core professional and moral standards.  As a company, we endeavor to be fair and to act with integrity, honesty, and respect.