About Us

Working Together

Founded on the concept that "Unity Produces Results!"®, Nechemya Construction Solutions has become a premiere multi-faceted commercial building solutions company.  Our commitment at Nechemya Solutions is to put the customer first, and to strive for exceptional customer service through excellent communication.   

Why Choose Us?

Construction projects can be extremely complex and dynamic, involving numerous individuals and organizations: owners, architects, engineers, consultants, project management team members, contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers.  We understand the importance of facilitating communication and teamwork among all of those participants, and we are dedicated to the goal of utilizing effective construction management processes so that all participants can meet their commitments and projects can be successfully executed. 

What we do

Construction Administration

Construction Management

Design/Build Construction

General Contracting

Collaborative Architectural Services

Healthcare Interior Finish-Outs

Educational Remodels

High-End Residential Design and Construction

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